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Aca el audio en MP3 de esta excelente banda en el recital de Glastonbury que estuvo de aquellos!

Arctic Monkeys//Live At Glastonbury

Track List

1//When the sun goes down//3:12


3//Sill take you home//3:16

4//Dancing shoes//2:44

5//From the Ritz to the rubble//3:19

6//Teddi Picker//3:08

7//This house is a circus//3:23

8//Fake tales of San Fransisco//3:07


10//Temptation greets you like your naughty friend//4:03

11//Old yellow bricks//3:30

12//I bet you look good on the dancefloor//3:00

13//If you were there, beware//5:35

14//Fluorescent adolescent//3:33

15//Mardy bum//3:25

16//Do me a favour//3:57

17//Leave before the lights come on//4:25

18//The view from the afternoon//4:13

19//Diamonds are forever//4:30


21//A certain romance//6:18